Transit Wireless


Company Overview

Transit Wireless was formed specifically to meet the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) requirement to provide a shared wireless infrastructure to enable commercial wireless services for the New York City Transit Authority (NYCT) riders within the underground subway stations and related opportunities.

In 2010, the MTA, NYCT and Transit Wireless partnered together to provide wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity to the 279 underground stations throughout the city. In 2011, six initial stations in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan were deployed with commercial 2G and 3G cellular and Wi-Fi services. This initial build was used as a successful baseline for the structure of the network.

The full build is structured in seven phases. Transit Wireless launched the first official phase of the project in April 2013, which included 30 stations in the Midtown and Upper West Side areas of Manhattan, and has 4G LTE service available.

Phase 2 launched in October of 2014 covering the entire borough of Queens and several stations in Manhattan, including Bryant Park, Herald Square and Grand Central Terminal. The entire 279 station project is expected to be completed by 2017.

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BAI Group owns and operates communications network infrastructure in telecom, emergency services, private networks and broadcasting industries and has done so for more than 80 years in Australia and North America. BAI has proven experience in subway communications systems in Asia and USA and is an industry leader in tailored design and integration of wireless confined coverage solutions.
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BAI Canada is part of a group of global experts that design, build, operate, maintain and own underground communication networks. BAI Canada is a subsidiary of Canadian-owned BAI Group, a global leader in wireless communications for underground transit systems. BAI Group is building and operating the wireless network in the New York subway. It has also been involved in deploying and maintaining communication networks for some of the most complex subway systems around the world including Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation.
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